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CBD for Pets

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Just like with humans, there are myriad reasons pets can benefit from cannabidiol or CBD. Animals have the same endocannabinoid system as people, so CBD for pets like the kind found in CBD pet treats can help improve restfulness and promote a calm, relaxed feeling for your animal companions. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease the tired joints of older animals. Relaxed Pup offers a host of CBD products for both dogs and cats, including simple to administer drops and sprays along with food supplements like meat and fish-flavored chews and treats. Whatever your need, we've got a CBD pet product to help your favorite pet.
What is CBD?
CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC which is found in marijuana and can produce a euphoric feeling, our CBD is derived from hemp plants and is not psychoactive.
Is CBD safe for pets?
Just like humans, dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems that regulate homeostasis in the body. CBD interacts naturally with this system and is well-tolerated by most animals.
Is CBD legal?
Under federal law, cultivation and consumption of hemp products that contain less than 0.3% THC by weight is permissible. All of our products comply with this guideline.
How much CBD should I give my pet?
Dosage will vary depending on how your animal reacts to CBD, but a generally recommended starting dose is 1-5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. Doses can be increased over time as needed, and can go considerably higher without generating any adverse effects.
What kind of CBD products are available for pets?
There are a variety of ways to administer CBD to your pet. CBD oils, sprays, and tinctures can be administered orally or mixed into food or water. CBD-infused pet treats and snacks are also available.
Will my pet enjoy CBD?
Our pet-centric CBD products come formulated as treats or with animal-friendly flavors like beef, bacon, or fish, ensuring that taking CBD is always a treat for your furry friend.
Does CBD make animals high?
No. All of our CBD products for pets are tested to ensure they have a federally-compliant, non-psychoactive THC dose of 0.3% or less by weight.
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