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Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs and Cats

Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs and Cats

Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs and Cats

What You Need To Know About CBD Oils For Dogs And Cats

CBD has recently gained a lot of popularity among many people globally due to its numerous natural benefits. There has been a lot of research on its benefits as well as side effects. However, unlike many of the researches done, CBD research has not involved a lot of animals.

Most of the participants are rats and people. It is important to note that people, dogs, and cats have similar immune systems. They also have similar internal organ functioning and brain pathways. That means that dogs and cats will react to CBD the same way people respond to it.

Although people's reactions to CBD can be the same as that of dogs and cats, it is important to ask yourself if it will be safe for your pets. As a pet owner, you already know how scary it can be to introduce new things to your pets, especially CBD oils.

To avoid that scare and uncertainty, it is important to stay updated on all matters and findings of CBD oils. You can never be sure if your dog or cat will react to the CBD oils or not until you try it on them.

If you are a pet owner who is considering using CBD oils on their pets but are not sure about it, this article is perfect for you. The first thing you have to do is understand what CBD is.

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What Is CBD?

CBD is a short form of cannabidiol, a substance that is derived from marijuana plants. There are currently 113 cannabidiols known, and only one out of those 113, which is called THC, causes a high sensation when consumed.

It is essential to note that CBD contains small THC traces, but they will never be enough to cause psychoactive effects to your cat or dog. However, you must monitor the pet's reactions even to those small THC doses.

If you notice that your pet has a negative reaction to those small THC doses, it will help if you changed from CBD to pure CBD oils for dogs and cats. The pure CBD is derived from the hemp plant instead of the marijuana plant, which eradicates any chances that the CBD will have any THC.

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Side Effects

CBD oils come with some side effects on your pets. However, none of the side effects are fatal. Some of the side effects you should know about if you are administering CBD oils to your pets include:

  • Sudden exhaustion or heightened fatigue.
  • Feeling abnormally tired during daily activities.
  • Drowsiness and loss of muscle control.
  • Reduced paw-eye control.
  • Dry mouth, which causes more thirst.
  • Slow heart rate as the CBD oils kicks in, causing the body to calm down.

If your pet becomes sleepier than usual after administering the CBD oils, it means that you should consider lowering the doses the next time. Also, the CBD may affect your dog or cat more if you administer them on a day they are not feeling ill or exhausted, causing them to feel more tired.

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Risks Of CBD Oils On Pets

Now that you are familiar with the side effects, it is key that you also know about the risks that CBD oils pose to your dogs and cats. Well, there are no known risks of CBD oils on dogs and cats. The current research has not shown any fatal side effects or risks aspects associated with CBD oils on pets.

It is comforting to know that all the effects they cause fade quickly, depending on how much you administered. CBD oils for dogs and cats are:

  • Non-toxic
  • All-natural.
  • Impossible to overdose.
  • Not psychoactive.
  • Easily accepted by the body.

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Where To Purchase CBD Oils For Dogs And Cats

It will help if you research companies that make and sell CBD oils for dogs and cats. That way, you will be assured of the mental and physical health of your pets. You have to keep in mind some things about your dogs and cats before buying the CBD oils.

It would be best to consider the weight, age, and breed of your pet because they dictate how much oils you will give them at once. Administering a higher dose will not have any fatal effects on your pet, but it will make them very tired and sleepy.

Even though they will wake up feeling all good after a short time, it is essential to avoid a higher dosage at all times. Since administering CBD oils to your pets will be the beginning of a healthier-feeling pet, it is important always to be sure about the company you buy from. Always go for certified and well-known companies.

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