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Is My Dog a Healthy Weight?

Is My Dog a Healthy Weight?

Canine obesity is becoming a more serious and common problem today. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention tells us that more than half of all companion dogs today are either overweight or obese.


Healthy Weight for your Dog

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In this and other ways, dogs and people are becoming more and more alike. When your dog is carrying around too much extra weight, this can put
stress on their joints, organs and entire skeletal system. It can cause many dangerous health issues.

This is why it is so important to know how much should my dog weigh. Luckily, there are some easy techniques to help you figure out the answer. If you have ever wondered "how much should my dog weigh?" this is the article you need to read.

Look At Your Dog From Above

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends starting with this simple test: stand up and look down at your dog's body. Make sure your dog is standing up when you do this.


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Notice what your dog's body shape looks like when viewed from above. Do you see a curved silhouette? Or does your dog's body look more like a football or an eggplant?

You can use this handy chart from The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention to learn how to tell how much should my dog weigh.

Feel Your Dog's Body

As Pets WebMD explains, you can do a hands-on test to determine if your dog is carrying a few (or many) extra pounds. If you can't feel the ribs or spine easily, your dog may be overweight.


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To know for sure, the next time you visit your canine veterinarian for a well-dog visit, ask your vet to show you how to do this. Most vets are happy to demonstrate the technique.

Offering a calming CBD oil for dogs  in water or on a dog treat before your veterinary visit is a great way to help your pup feel less anxious.

Weigh Your Dog Regularly

In order for this technique to really be helpful, you want to get into the habit of weighing your dog regularly.

The first time you weigh your dog, you won't know what the number means unless you have a previous benchmark weight to compare it to.


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So you may need to ask your canine veterinarian for help identifying your dog's ideal body weight for age, gender, bone structure, height and breed. Then you can do regular weigh-ins to make sure your dog is staying on track with a healthy weight.

Change Your Dog's Daily Routine

Every day, pet owners realize their beloved pups are overweight. Unfortunately, putting your dog on a diet isn't much easier than putting yourself on a diet. Dogs love to eat and offering treats is definitely a love language canines recognize and respond to.



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One thing you can do is adjust your dog's daily routine to add in more play time and activity. If your dog has arthritis or joint pain, giving them a CBD joint treat can ease discomfort and improve mobility for more walks and play.

Now you know several easy ways to answer the question how much should my dog weigh? You can use them together to keep a close watch on your dog's weight during puppyhood, adulthood and into the senior dog years.

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