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Is It Safe To Give My Cat CBD Oil?

Is it safe to give cat CBD oil

While veterinary science has come a long way even in the last five to 10 years, pet owners are often still left with more questions than answers in caring for their pets.

Is It Safe To Give My Cat CBD Oil?

But since cannabis has only recently become widely available, there is very little research to guide pet owners who want to offer CBD to their cats.

Is CBD oil safe for cats? Learn what you need to know before trying out CBD oil for your cat.

What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in abundance in many strains of the cannabis and hemp plant family.

CBD acts in beneficial ways on the body's endocannabinoid system. This holds true for people and for domestic pets like dogs and cats.

Cat CBD Oil by Joy Pets CBD

But unlike the most famous such chemical, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have any psycho-active properties that cause an altered state and a "high."

However, CBD does offer a spectrum of health benefits with few (if any) known side effects that make it an attractive alternative to Western medicine in some cases.


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Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

To date, very little research has been done specifically looking at the use of CBD oil for cats.

However, improper dosing can lead to gastrointestinal upset and a noticeable sedating effect.

Cat CBD Oil Tincture by CBD MD

Another important factor to consider is that the U.S. FDA doesn't provide any CBD manufacturers.

It is vital to be sure you are purchasing CBD oil for cats from a reputable maker because if you don't know exactly how much active CBD is in the product, you are at risk for overdosing your cat and causing side effects.

You also need to verify that the CBD oil you buy for your cats is free from THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. While cats generally tolerate CBD oil quite well, THC can cause toxic side effects in felines.

What Is CBD Oil for Cats Good For?

Most of the information we have right now about using CBD oil for cats comes from research with human subjects.

For example, we know that CBD oil can be effective to treat human health issues such as nerve damage and neuropathy, anxiety, depression, seizures, poor appetite and pain.

CBD Tincture for Cats by Chill Paws CBD

Because the feline body's endocannabinoid system is quite similar to your own body's system, it is reasonable to assume the same basic benefits might apply.

Is CBD Oil Legal: Cannabis Vs Hemp

Each state has the power to regulate the sale of cannabis and hemp products for people and pets.

While some states are very lenient about the sale and use of cannabis and hemp products, other states are quite strict.

What you need to know is that any CBD oil you use for your cat should contain very little or no THC such that it is classified as a hemp product. This not only protects you but also protects your cat from potential THC toxicity dangers.

How to Use CBD Oil With Your Feline

Where most dogs will eat anything that isn't tied down, cats tend to be more finicky. This means you may need to get strategic about how you introduce CBD oil to your cat to make sure the full dose gets taken at the right time.

Add an enticing flavor to the CBD oil

It is a rare feline who doesn't love the taste of salmon. Salmon is a great choice for dosing CBD oil because it is also an oily fish. This can disguise the unfamiliar texture of the CBD oil as well as any odor.

You can choose to add CBD oil to a tidbit of salmon or offer pre-made salmon hemp tincture for cats.

Mix it up with tuna flavor CBD cat treats so your cat doesn't get tired of the same flavor every day.


Urbal Activ CBD Cat Treats by Discover CBD

Add CBD oil to your cat's food

For cats that thrive on routine and regularity, there is no better, more reliable way to dose CBD oil than to simply add it to your cat's regular food.

Pure flavorless CBD oil for cats works great for this dosing method.


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Dose CBD oil in your cat's water

Another great method to add CBD oil to your cat's daily routine is to dose it through water.

Natural flavor CBD oil is a good choice for a water dosage.

Dose CBD oil by mouth directly

For cats who will tolerate it, you can simply drop pure CBD oil right onto your cat's tongue.

Be sure to talk with your feline veterinarian first if you have any concerns about the right timing or dose of CBD oil for cats. And be sure to start with the lowest recommended dose until you see how your cat responds.

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