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What To Give Cats To Gain Weight

Many pet owners find that their pets begin to gain a little faster than they would like resulting in an adjustment to food choices and portions. But it can also be difficult when your pet just doesn't seem to be gaining enough weight.

Cats and Weight Gain

An underweight pet is not an unusual occurrence, and there are many ways to help your pet gain a healthier weight. First off, it is a good idea to evaluate your pet's daily routine. Is your pet left alone for long periods of time while you are at work? Is there another pet in the home that is more dominant? Maybe your pet has underlying health issues, and you should make a trip to the vet to make sure they don't have a parasite or another problem that is making it difficult to eat.

The Reason Behind Their Anxiety

Sometimes a big event such as moving, getting a new pet, or even having a baby can cause your pet to become anxious. When assessing your pet, be sure to think about when they began to show signs of anxiety. It may just be a phase that will pass with a little extra love and patience.


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If your pet has always suffered from anxiety and eating issues, it could be because of a traumatic event in their life. Many pets that come from shelters have been abused or neglected, and moving in with you could be a big adjustment for them. Just be patient and let them know that they are loved. Be sure to give them space and a place of their own where they will feel safe.

How to Reduce Anxiety in Your Pet

It is not uncommon for animals to suffer from anxiety, and it may be necessary to schedule more one-on-one time with your pet to help them to feel less lonely or abandoned. Although it may not be possible to stay home from work to spend more time with your pet, maybe you can leave the television or radio on to make them feel less lonely.

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Make a Place for Your Pet

Cats love to be up high, so you may want to invest in a cat home that has cubbies and that offers a high perch to sleep on. You may even want to provide a cat shelf that has your pet's favorite blanket or pillow on it for a cozy hangout spot-preferably in front of a window.

Other Things to Try

There are diffusers and sprays that emit special pheromones into your home that can help your cat to feel more calm and less anxious as well.

If you have small children, teach them how to play nice with your pet so that they are not too rough or loud, which can cause a pet to become anxious.



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Dogs love attention and to play, so be sure to give them some of your time every day to play fetch or to get tummy rubs. Give your dog a comfy pet bed to sleep in and plenty of toys to play with. If you are gone for long periods of time be sure to give them a few boredom busters such as a treat release ball or rawhide to chew on. Every pet is different, so you may have to try a few other things to find what they really like.

If you have tried everything you could possibly think of to get your pet to eat and they still do not seem to want to eat much, your vet may suggest an appetite-stimulating medicine to help boost their appetite.


Try a New Food

You may have to switch your pet's brand of food. You may even have to try many different foods until you find one that your pet likes. You may even want to offer more of a variety of foods so that your pet doesn't get bored with the same foods every day.


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You may even want to try warming up your pet's food, which may make it more appetizing than cold food. To warm up your pet's food, just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds or until it reaches a temperature of about 101.5 degrees. Offer snacks between meals as well. You can offer homemade snacks such as bits of fish or chicken or buy a premade treat from your local pet store or grocery store.

Be sure to keep your pet's meal station (food and water dish) in the same location, so they always know that it is there and where to find it. Place it far away from the litter box or other strong odors as well. Make sure that it is also a quiet place where they can enjoy their meal in peace.

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