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How To Treat Dog Bruises

Dog Bruise


Sometimes your dog or pup may find it uncomfortable when you are petting them in certain places. Most pups may twitch or pull away from your hand. This can be a clear expression of physical pain. However, the root cause can stem from various reasons, such as bruises or cuts. With fur, it can be increasingly difficult to spot these abrasions and wounds. Therefore, if your pup exhibits any withdrawing traits from physical contact, you should consider peeking through its fur to spot any injuries.

Dog Bruises: How to Treat

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Due to the contrasting tone between your dog's fur and skin, you can easily spot any skin colorations, which are telltale signs of injury. Most bruises will be purple while bright red dots are an indication of skin irritation. A pup that's suffering will tend to rub its wound with saliva to coax the pain. More so, a dog in pain may also shift its natural sleeping position to avoid wounding the pain area or hide its bruises. While animals instinctively have ways of treating their wounds, providing additional support can significantly aid your pup's recovery and relieve it from pain. Here are a few key highlights on the causes of dog wounds and medication options to consider when treating your injured canine to prevent its injury from worsening.

Signs of Dog Bruises


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Discolored Skin or Ecchymosis

Ecchymosis is a common sign of bruises on your dog's skin. Usually, its skin pigmentation turns orange, purple, blue, or yellow, depending on the severity of the damage. This is caused by the blood that rises close to the skin's surface, thus exhibiting color onto the outermost skin layer. While ecchymosis is not a form of bruising, it is an indicator of trauma. Therefore, it is crucial to look for any signs of skin discolorations when determining if your pup is wounded.

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Blood Clots

Blood clotting can be a result of genetics or endocrine illnesses like Cushing's disease. However, it is also a common sign of bruising among dogs. It is usually caused when the inner linings of a vein or artery have suffered damage due to physical trauma onto the site. In more severe cases, homeostasis may occur. This is the rupture of your dog's blood vessels causing blood to gush out and clog, resulting in a blood clot. The clotting is formed when platelets and blood proteins in your pup's body create a barrier at the site of injury. This is done to prevent your dog from losing too much blood.

Causes of Dog Bruises

Your dog may experience an injury that can lead to skin bruises, cuts, or abrasions. While it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of injury, here are a few common causes of dog bruises.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Dog to vehicle collisions is the leading cause of trauma among urban dogs. Close to 600 dogs were injured due to motor vehicle accidents as shown by research from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital. Among these numbers, 31% of dogs involved in the collision portrayed superficial wounds like cuts and bruises. If you live near a busy street, then the chances are that your dog's injury could result from a hit and run situation.

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Rough Playing

Dogs enjoy getting physical and roughing each other up from time to time. Pups are notorious for exhibiting such playful behavior. Sometimes, a fun playdate can result in a few bruises if one dog chomps down a bit too hard. Common sites of bruises can be the neck and abdominal region of your dog.

Dog Fights

Aside from rough playing, your pooch may get into a physical confrontation with neighborhood dogs. As a result, your pup will sustain a few knicks and bruises. Your dog may try to cover up traces of its fight by licking blood from its wounds or by sleeping. The best thing to do, if you weren't present at the time, is to keep an eye for symptoms of limping, bloodshot eyes, black dots in feces, or heavy breathing.

How CBD Oil Can Help Mitigate Pain and Bruises in Your Dog

CBD oil provides a more suitable treatment alternative for bruises than medicinal drugs, such as Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) and Aspirin that prove fatal if administered in large doses. Cannabidiol can alleviate inflammation and ease the pain of your injured dog.

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Furthermore, CBD oil helps soothe your pup's nerves, which prevents it from tampering with its wound causing further damage. There are various high-quality cannabinoid-based oils and products tailored to your dog's consumption, such as Kingdom Harvest Canine CBD Oil, which provides instant pain remedy. If your dog is not thrilled with the taste, you can consider bacon-flavored Pet Essentials CBD Oil for a more refined flavor to stimulate your pup's senses while providing medical relief.

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