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5 Ways to Calm Hyper Dogs

hyper dogs

Many dogs are hyperactive. This behavior in your furry friend can happen due to several reasons. One of the main signs that your dog is hyperactive is jumping around. For some dog parents, this can be exciting, while others find it exhausting. Here are some of the reasons why your dog may be hyperactive:

How to calm hyper dogs

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This is one of the leading determinants of a dog’s behavior. Usually, the animals are quite relaxed. In most cases, they may sleep for up to 20 hours. For the remaining hours, they would want something to do. For wild dogs, this may mean looking for food, mating, and fighting with others.


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Your furry friend also feels they have a job to do. The worst thing for them is the lack of physical or mental stimulation. Unfortunately, some dogs don’t get the amount of action they need. This results in boredom, which causes hyperactivity.


This is vital for sensitive animals. Some of them struggle with all the stimuli of the modern world. Usually, this happens if the dogs are not used to it. Overstimulation can make your furry friend hyperactive quickly.

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Too Exhausted

This is the opposite of boredom and is a leading cause of hyperactivity in dogs. While this is often a reason for sudden hyperactivity, it may occur from time to time if the animals are overtired daily. Although you need to provide a lot of activities for your dog, overdoing it can cause hyperactivity.

How Do You Calm Hyper Dogs?

Hyperactivity is normal in dogs. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem. Here are five proven tips for you:

Regular Exercise

Everyone would want to have a well-behaved dog. One of the ways of achieving that is exercising him regularly. Some experts recommend about 60 minutes-walk in the morning and a shorter walk in the evening. This doesn’t have to be fast. You can let your pup smell the roses.


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Besides stretching the legs, the unique smells as you walk will also help stretch his brain. Therefore, when the dog gets enough exercise, you will not need to worry about them going crazy. During the day, play some games to wear him out. If you are too busy to spend time with him, consider hiring a dog walker or take him to nearby doggy daycare.

Choose a facility wisely. The employees at the doggy daycare should have relevant skills and adequate experience in their work. This arrangement is ideal for people who work long hours. Take time to select the best facility.

Regular Training

Training your dog for a few minutes is likely to wear him out more than walking for about 2 miles. Note that using mental energy is more exhausting than physical energy. This is true for both humans and dogs. Therefore, you don’t have to leave your home.

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One of the advantages of using training to calm a hyper dog is that it allows you to increase the difficulty. You can also increase the amount of energy produced when training by increasing the distraction for the pup.

Use CBD Supplements

If you have tried giving your pup more exercises, a balanced diet, and affection but remains hyperactive, this could be due to anxiety. If that’s the case, it’s time to try CBD supplements. The products will enable the dog to stay calm and stick to the healthy routines you establish.


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Although there has been no extensive research on dogs, the right CBD products could help to treat pain and inflammation. Some studies have shown that they are highly effective in reducing anxiety in dogs.

Stick to a Routine

Usually, a dog becomes hyperactive due to insecurity. This mainly affects adopted animals who have moved a lot as they have little or no structure in their lives. Every fur baby would want to have a routine. When you create a routine it means your dog will have an idea of what they should expect every day, which will calm the nerves.

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For example, in the morning, you can include activities such as walking, taking breakfast, and playing games. In the afternoon, you can walk the pup and play with him. On the other hand, in the evening, eat dinner and then go for a walk. Ensure you write a detailed schedule showing how you will spend each day.

Get Some Puzzle Toys

If your dog is bored, he will find ways to entertain himself. This may be disastrous if he chooses to have fun with the wrong item. Other than keeping hyper animals occupied, food-dispensing puzzle toys will help them to stay fit and healthy. The toy will also offer the mental stimulation your pup needs to stay sharp.


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According to experts, puzzle toys are perfect choices for dogs that eat too quickly to avoid side effects such as indigestion and vomiting. If you are looking for something that can prevent anxiety for your furry friend, try using puzzle toys.

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