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Can Dogs Eat Gummy Bears?  

"Can dogs eat gummy bears?" That's a good question. By analyzing information, we can better understand if these types of snacks are safe for canines. Most veterinarians and animal owners are unaware of the dangers of some foods that are available commercially. These treats may contain even more harmful things to your dog than the typical high calorie, sweet snacks on the shelves in your local pet store. The first thing that you should understand is that many dogs enjoy eating these treats, but they have a problem when it comes to digesting them.

Can Dogs Eat Gummy Bears?

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What You Should Know About Hypoglycemia in Dogs

Experts characterize hypoglycemia in dogs as a blood glucose level of ≤ 3.3 mmol/L. If a canine comes in contact with food containing xylitol, blood sugar levels can rise pretty quickly. Within several minutes, your pet may experience hypoglycemia. Although hypoglycemia in dogs does occur, it is rare and usually occurs during fits of inadequate nutrition and dehydration, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels. After consuming foods containing too much sugar, dogs may immediately experience symptoms of hyperglycemia. They include:

- Headaches
- Increased thirst or hunger
- High blood sugar
- Frequent urination (peeing)
- Blurred vision

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The next thing that you should be aware of is that some commercial treats may actually cause your dog to vomit. One of the ingredients commonly used to create gummy chew treats contains high enough sugar levels to irritate the esophagus' lining. This irritation may then promote acids within the stomach, leading to further damage to the esophagus.

So Are Gummy Bears Bad For Dogs?

The answer for pet owners who wonder, "Can dogs eat gummy bears?" is no. Xylitol is a highly acidic substance, which means that it may promote even more gastric acid production, leading to an increasing irritation level to the organs. Although Govt agencies banned this chemical from pet food products in the European Union, it is still possible to find it in some American brands, which is why you may want to check with your vet before giving your dog a treat.

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Furthermore, while some commercial treats may contain ingredients that may be mildly toxic, others can contain ingredients that are not as toxic but still dangerous if taken in excess. For instance, studied veterinary technicians at Penn Foster Online have confirmed that some gummy snacks contain grape juice, which is toxic to dogs. Also, some gummy bear brands may include iron, which can cause kidney failure in particular dog breeds. Vitamin A poisoning is another problem that pet owners must look out for. Contact the Pet Poison Helpline if your dog experiences any of the following symptoms:

- abdomen pain
- vomiting
- gagging
- behavioral changes
- constipation
- diarrhea
- loss of appetite
- lethargy

Symptoms can range from mild irritation to coma or death. If you suspect that your pet has ingested something toxic, the first thing you should do is take your pet to the vet for a full examination.

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The final question that you may have is, are gummy bears safe for dogs? If you're like most pet owners, you probably only give your
dog treats once or twice a week. If your dog shows signs of being overweight, you may want to substitute some meals with treats. Homemade dog treats may be healthier for him than store-bought brands, but they're not always convenient. In that case, there are alternatives.

Can CBD Infused Dog Treats Make the Perfect Alternative For Your Dog?

If you're concerned about your pet's health or looking for an alternative treatment for his or her ailments, then you should consider adding CBD infused dog treats to his or her diet. Here are several reasons why CBD pet supplements may be just what you need:

- anti-inflammatory properties
- anti-nausea effects
- anti-anxiety impact
- cardiac benefits
- appetite stimulation
- anti-cancer benefits

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When it comes to dog treats, there is no better option than
Relaxed Pup CBD-infused dog treats. These pet products do not contain any harmful ingredients like Propylene glycol, Ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, TBHQ, propyl gallate, and other artificial preservatives or fillers additives. Consequently, they're the best choice for dog owners can puppies eat gummy bears. Responsible dog lovers choose to feed their dogs organic food to ensure a long and healthy life. The Relaxed Pup brand offers many types of hemp dog treats, which range in taste from mildly sweet to extremely hot and spicy, depending on your pet's tastes and your dog's unique needs. CBD dog treats can take the shape of hemp crunch toys, hemp dog treats, hemp dog treats with hemp protein, and gummies containing CBD.

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