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Is It Safe For Cats To Eat Chocolate?

can you give a cat chocolate?

A lot of pet owners are probably wondering if it is safe for their cats to consume chocolate. This is an important topic because it is always important to be informed and you don't want to be doing something that could potentially harm your pet. Chocolate is extremely dangerous for cats to eat and even just a tiny bit can be lethal for cats. There is an ingredient recognized as theobromine that is perfectly normal for humans to eat but it can cause major health issues in cats. The dangerous health risks include liver failure and heart issues for cats.

Chocolate and Cats

Most cats aren't really interested in eating chocolate. It is still important to take steps within your household to eliminate any way for your pet cats to gain access to chocolate. This means that you should effectively remove any source of chocolate in your house and keep it away from your cats. You wouldn't want to leave the house and return to see that your cats managed to find a way into a chocolate candy box.


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If for some reason you do believe that your cat has managed to consume even a small amount of chocolate, then it is probably a good idea to keep a close eye on your cat for important symptoms. You are going to want to look for vomiting, seizures, increased heart rate, and other unusual signals that might not seem normal. Chocolate poisoning can be a devastating sickness that could lead to death or severe health issues.

Reacting to Potential Chocolate Poisoning in Your Cat

The worst-case scenario would be for you to discover that your cat has consumed chocolate after it has already happened. There are a few options available to you at this point. The first option is to rush your cat to the veterinarian and provide them with as much information as possible about the type of chocolate and how much chocolate that you believe your cat ate. The second option is to keep a close eye on your cat for any possible symptoms that might indicate a health risk is imminent. We always recommend taking your cat to the veterinarian if you suspect chocolate poisoning to be a possibility. You are always better off to be safe rather than sorry when dealing with a health scare in your pet cat.

Steps to Take to Eliminate the Possibility of Chocolate Poisoning

Cat owners should always eliminate any possible risks of your cat getting into dangerous toxic foods like chocolate. As we mentioned previously, cats don't typically get interested in consuming chocolate but some curious cats might still find a small amount of it and that can be extremely dangerous.


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One step that you can take is to go through all of the cabinets in your house and remove any items that contain chocolate. Cats are curious creatures and they are going to explore around the house when you leave for extended periods. The best thing to do is to give them absolutely no chance of finding chocolate and the only way to do that is to remove it from your household completely. Some examples of the types of food you might want to check for chocolate are cookies, cereal, candy, ice cream, and crackers. These are the most common snacks that include chocolate and you most definitely will not want your cat around these types of food.

Alternatives to Chocolate

As a pet owner, you are probably always going to want to find tasty treats for your cats. Some new cat owners might have originally thought that chocolate is safe for cats. The truth is that it can be extremely lethal and there are many tasty and delicious alternatives to consider.


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There are many cat treats available that aren't only appealing to their taste but also offer a range of health benefits, like CBD treats. You can check these delicious treats out by clicking here.


This post contains a lot of useful information about the harmful effects that chocolate can cause in your pet cat. The concept of chocolate poisoning is probably something that a lot of cat owners are actually not too familiar with. You can learn about this topic by asking your veterinarian but we covered a lot of the basic details within this post.

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