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The Best Organic CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

Hemp is one of the most versatile and varied of all commercial crops. Yet until 2018, it was not legal for commercial farmers to cultivate hemp in the United States.

Since passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, it seems hemp products are cropping up everywhere. One of the most visible is CBD, which stands for cannabidiol.

Top Organic CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD is the active ingredient in many strains of hemp plants. Its most similar counterpart is THC, the famous psycho-active ingredient in the related marijuana plant family. However, unlike THC, CBD produces no psycho-active effects.

What CBD does have to offer is numerous wellness benefits, many of which are currently being examined in various research studies and clinical trials. While these trials are focused on CBD's usefulness to people, pets are also beginning to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

In this article, we introduce you to pet CBD oil and share information about choosing the best organic CBD oil for dogs.

Why You Want to Choose CBD Oil for Dogs

You may be wondering why you can't just use the same CBD oil you buy for yourself for your dog as well.

In theory, this is possible. But in practice, it isn't always smart.

State regulations stipulate that any CBD products must contain less than three percent THC content. Different naturally occurring hemp plant varieties contain different trace percentages of THC. Some hybrid (human-engineered) hemp varieties may even contain no THC at all, as Science Direct explains.

Kingdom Harvest Canine CBD Oil by Oliver's Harvest

This is important to know because some people and pets are sensitive to even trace amounts of THC. For pets in particular, THC has been known to increase anxiety. So you really want to choose the best organic CBD oil for dogs that is made specifically for pets.

The Best Way to Offer Organic CBD Oil to Your Dog

If you can't imagine administering straight CBD oil to your pup, we have good news. There are many different ways you can add organic CBD oil to your dog's daily health and wellness regimen.

While some dogs will take CBD oil directly on their tongues, it is far more common for dog owners to offer CBD dog treats, tinctures to place in their water, sprays or chews and topical salves and balms.

These familiar goodies offer CBD oil in a way that is easy and fun for your dog to enjoy and benefit from.


Pet Essentials Bacon CBD Oil by Oliver's Harvest

It is important to start with the lowest manufacturer recommended dose for your pet's breed, age, weight and size. For example, a toy breed dog would not get the same dose as a giant breed dog.

With CBD, the dosage directly relates to the desired benefit. For instance, a low dose of CBD may promote relaxation while a high dose may promote alertness (and too high a dose may cause anxiety).

What the Research Says About Organic CBD Oil for Dogs

Every day, more dog owners offer their pooches CBD oil for the first time. For some dog owners, they may want to help ease their dog's pain. Other dog owners want to help their pup relax before a veterinary visit.

Still others may want to use CBD oil for dogs to address seizures, improve digestion, treat inflammation, ease nausea and similar uses.

As the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports, researchers have placed particular focus on studying the use of CBD oil for canine epilepsy (seizures) and osteoarthritis.


CBD Dog Treats by InTune CBD

Similarly, research is looking at how CBD oil for dogs can ease chronic pain and reduce symptoms of immune system conditions.

Because the canine endocannabinoid system is very similar to the human equivalent system, researchers speculate that many of the same benefits CBD oil offers to people may also be available for canines. However, there is much more research to be done.

The Best CBD Oil for Use With Dogs

Learn about some of the best organic CBD oil for dogs in this section.

1. CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Peanut butter - yum! It is a rare pup indeed that will turn down a tasty peanut butter treat. But these treats are special - they are infused with CBD but are completely free from THC so your dog can enjoy them safely.

2. Cheese or Chicken Dog CBD Soft Chews

Some dogs who have dental issues may struggle to chew hard dog biscuits.

But these soft chews are easy and tasty and deliver pure organic CBD isolate (THC-free) in either chicken or cheese flavor.

3. Bacon CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs

Bacon is another time-tested canine favorite and this bacon-infused CBD oil tincture will not disappoint.

You have two options here depending on your pup's preferences. You can either drop the bacon CBD oil tincture directly on your dog's tongue or add the dose to their water bowl.

4. Pure CBD Oil for Dogs

Some dog owners prefer to get the unflavored organic CBD oil for their dogs. This offers total flexibility in how you use it for your pup.

You can mix some with nut butter in a Kong, drop some into their water or food, even use it topically as needed.

Bacon Full Spectrum Pet Drops by ERTH Hemp

5. CBD Oil Dog Ttreatsreats

These pure CBD oil dog treats will help ease inflammation, promote calm and decrease stress, delivering all these benefits in a form dogs know and love.

By taking the time to research the manufacturer and ingredients in cbd oil for dogs, you can feel confident you are giving your precious pup the very best benefits.

Side Effects or Risks of CBD Oil for Dogs

With anything new, it is important to start slowly and watch your pup closely. Overdose is the most common issue, which typically results in lethargy or stomach upset.

Remember, if your dog is taking any required medication for an ongoing health condition, it is always smart to talk with your dog's veterinarian before adding CBD oil to their daily routine.

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