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Do dogs get high (or sleepy) from taking CBD? Dosage info and CBD side effects for dogs

do dogs get high from taking CBD

Can Dogs Get High From Taking CBD?

By providing CBD, we are looking to nurture pets, not give them a rocking buzz. However, your pooch could probably use some much-needed relaxation and restoration. Non-psychoactive options like CBD are the perfect, buzz-free solutions for your pet.

If your CBD product is pure, then your animals will never get high from using cannabidiol. Quality manufacturers will also provide third-party lab tests that indicate whether there are any contaminants in their pet products. These tests ensure that there is an undetectable level of THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. 

Without THC, CBD is not capable of producing a high. You may notice slightly different levels of alertness in your animal the first time they take the product, or with large doses. Their sharpness is not always reduced; at times, they can become more attentive to their surroundings. This is merely your pet noticing the CBD and adjusting. After a dose or two, or through reduction of the mg amount of CBD you are giving your dog, these alert signs will normalize.

Slight sleepiness or drowsiness can be noticed with substantial doses. The subjective relaxation experienced by humans on CBD is highly variable. Typically, your dog finds it incredibly rejuvenating to nap when taking CBD. Observe the overall net energy levels of your pup between napping and play, then adjust the dose accordingly.

what do dogs feel after taking cbd

What Happens When My Dog Takes CBD?

Before administering cannabidiol, you will, of course, be asking, "What are the potential CBD effects on my dog?" The answer is that the animal CBD impacts are very similar to humans. The dog will digest the CBD, and maybe absorb a little through the mucous membrane of the mouth first if you apply an oil directly to the tongue or gums. Then the CBD can cross the intestinal membranes where it enters the bloodstream and will head to vital physiological targets.

Dogs have high concentrations of endogenous cannabinoid receptors. These endocannabinoid receptors receive vital input from the signaling of cannabinoid compounds. Just as in the human body, CBD inhibits the FAAH enzyme in dogs leading to elevated levels of AEA. AEA, or anandamide, is an endogenous cannabinoid (or endocannabinoid) which carries out vital restorative functions in the bodies and minds of our pets.

Anandamide helps to regulate neurotransmission, create neurological health, and immune function. Motivation can be improved via the elevation of AEA by its ability to restore reward systems and to rebalance mood in humans. This activity is likely reflected in our pets. Modifying the endocannabinoid network can bring about a host of benefits for pets, and it can contribute to the holistic well-being of our companion animals.

CBD Oil For Dogs and the Side Effects

Research has shown that there are no reported incidences of health challenges for animals while taking pure CBD. However, every animal body is unique. Carefully watch your pet's behavior and digestion when administering new products. Some sources are claiming that dogs can experience dry mouth, drowsiness, and lowered blood pressure when using CBD. None of these side effects have been proven by peer-reviewed research. These are all effects reported by human patients and have likely been translated to pets as a precaution, even though there is little to no clinical data on the subject.

Initial research is indicating that CBD should not produce any troubles. Do be mindful of other ingredients, as pets can easily be sensitive to them. Product testing, quality manufacturing, and mindful dosing can lead to a reduction in any potential side effects.

How much CBD do dogs take to feel high

Read CBD For Dogs Reviews

Checking CBD dog reviews is an excellent way to gauge how your dog will respond to cannabidiol. While each animal is different, if there is positive feedback regarding a line of pet products, along with lab test results, and premium ingredients, then you likely have found yourself a winner. Start with a low dose and adjust until you feel the amount is just right. This small amount is used primarily to save product. A small dose can easily be sufficient as dogs have a very predominant endocannabinoid system.

In short, neither you nor your pets will get high when taking lab-verified CBD products. Your dogs can even take the same CBD oils as you, provided that a vet clears the ingredients first. Enjoy the satisfaction of CBD, without the worries of intoxication. Turn to premium hemp-derived cannabidiol for your all of your pet needs.

Enjoy CBD, and share the love with your pets. There is a product for every pup, every old hound, and every canine on the block. Browse the fantastic selection of CBD products available and choose the best products for your incredible companion animals.

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